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Where I Can Help

I've been building brands for 10+ years, and I've got the skills & capabilities to help you reach your growth goals.

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With my various experience in a number of industries and projects, I'm your guy to talk all things growth from A-Z.

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Content Strategies

Content is King! I work with brands to create amazing content that positions them powerfully in their respective space.

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Product Design & Global Sourcing

I have sourced well over 400+ unique products, and I have heavy experience dealing with Chinese brands and factories.

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Apparel Development

With millions of dollars in sales across multiple brands, I have a clear understanding of product sourcing, design, fulfillment and more.

A Little More About Me

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has been accentuating the content creation landscape since age 17. I'm most passionate about helping brands establish themselves, and building off a foundation of creative vision and mission excellence.

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Here's What I'm Up To Now:

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Feb 2018 - Present

Building the definitive global basketball brand.


Jan 2022 - Present

The only media platform built for south asian athletes.


Nov 2021 - Present

Leading the content strategy and working with owners to make this the most popular sports team in Edmonton.

Producer & Consultant

Oct 2022 - Present

Working with clients and brands such as the Harlem Globetrotters to provide strategy, consulting and more.

My Radio Show

World of Sports With Navin

Listen in every Thursday at 6pm MST on 1440 AM or on theuniersalradio.com as Navin covers the sporting world from a 360-degree view.

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