My story

Yo yo, I'm Nav.

I help establish brands on the foundations of creative vision and mission excellence. I'm a serial entrepreneur who has been accentuating the content creation landscape since age 17. As the Founding Partner of In The Lab, the Co-Founder of Brown Ballers, and Co-Founder of India Rising, I have an extensive background in brand development, team/leadership progression, and the art of positioning startups to become thought leaders within their respective markets. I really enjoy leveraging that creative dynamicity to not just exceed scaling expectations within the digital era, but do so all while propelling the next-gen wave of branding innovation forward.

I was born with an innate love for basketball and entrepreneurship, and it became the catalyst for me to develop a large inventory of blended successes that have deemed me an acclaimed brand builder. I initially founded my first training company and scaled it into one of Canada's largest programs, and then later took that experience to LA to become the COO of In The Lab – helping pioneer breakthrough growth on an international scale via the 10,000-hour mastery concept. In 2022, I concurrently Co-Founded Brown Ballers and India Rising, the latter being the first ever 12 Indian-origin team to compete in the largest global basketball tournament aired on ESPN.

To date, I've measurably generated over 300M views across content and social platforms, inked deals with the NBA, Adidas, Jordan, Uber, among others, and has been highlighted in various publications, including Global News, Digital Weekly, Celeb mix, The Critical Mirror, and the Los Angeles Issue. Over the years, I've been able to solidify myself in the brand development space.  I'm committed to instilling invested attraction within the digital age, raising the brand voice bar, and proving market dominance is viable with the right mindset, tactical guidance, and creative presence.  

Here's What I'm Up To Now:

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Feb 2018 - Present

Building the definitive global basketball brand.


Jan 2022 - Present

The only media platform built for south asian athletes.


Nov 2021 - Present

Leading the content strategy and working with owners to make this the most popular sports team in Edmonton.

Producer & Consultant

Oct 2022 - Present

Working with clients and brands such as the Harlem Globetrotters to provide strategy, consulting and more.