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About me

I'm an entrepreneur, creator, and angel investor based in Canada. Currently building In The Lab, the next global sports brand, and advising startups at various stages. My brands have garnered over 450+ million views and become globally established in countries like Canada, USA, Europe, India & China.

Areas of passion and expertise for me include creator economy, fashion, crypto, and supporting founders and creators of color.


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How can I add value?

Navigating The Creator Economy

Building a global sports brand at the forefront of the creator economy has been a great experience. I have made connections with hundreds of creators, had a chance to understand the inner workings of becoming a creator and what it takes to build for longevity in the world of social media and content creation.

Building, Scaling & Managing

One of the most important aspects of building a business comes down to operations. I've honestly been a "behind the scenes" wizard throughout my life - whether it's building a business from the ground up or accelerating an already existing one, it's easily my area of mastery. ​

Global Sourcing

With factories and connections throughout China, I have had extensive experience over the last 6 years creating not only apparel, but a wide range of products for brands, creators, and large businesses. ​Whether you need something sourced, created, or introductions to specific factories, I'll be there to help.


The brands that I've worked on and advised have well over 20+ million in sales and over the past few years, I've been able to refine how to build a dominant and global eCommerce brand. 


Building an apparel brand has been in my wheelhouse for years and whether it's building out websites, enhancing the customer experience, or sourcing any product you can imagine....I got you covered. Feel free to click here to see a small glimpse of some of the apparel I have created. 

Find & Intro Relevant Contacts

Over time I've been able to build a great network of creators, entrepreneurs, investors, and more. Being able to help you build out your team or put you in contact with the right people will be key.