Couple things before you check out the episode:


1. It's broken down into "3" segments that will release on a Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

  • Segment 1 is the "introduction", the story of you so listeners get to know you and your journey. I also get into the whole "influencer" side as this is something that will be great for listeners to learn and understand better.

  • Segment 2 is all about your business journey. Its broken down into 3 stages of Learning, Growth & Championship.

  • Segment 3 is for you to share some of the intangibles and help the next generation of creators coming up. You can write down as many tips as you want and share that with me before the episode, that way we can go through them together on the show.

2. If you have any feedback, want to add or change anything just let me know

Thanks again for doing this, really excited about it.