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What I'm investing in right now

It's been a good 6 months or so since I've fully committed to the stock market and created a new way to invest and build long term wealth.

I only have one rule: Only invest in companies that I believe in

That's really it, I'm not in this for penny stocks and short term gains. I'm doing this for longevity and with the understanding that my money may sit for multiple years until real gains happen. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made as I'm learning a lot and expanding my knowledge and expertise.

I just want to share SOME of the top companies that I'm invested in right now through the stock market as I get asked this question a lot.

Zoom: This is an obvious one and the stock has gone crazy since Covid-19 occurred. The future is right here, online everything. There really is no need to have constant in person meetings when the same things can be accomplished over Zoom.

Starbucks: It's funny cause as I am writing this, today they decided to close down hundreds of stores and change their plan. However, this is exactly why I am so excited with Starbucks and their future potential. They are adapting with the times and showing they are a forward thinking company.

The Trade Desk: You need to look this company up. I was lucky enough to get in very early and now the stock is well past $300+

Sea Limited: If you're into Esports/gaming then you know about this stock or at least you should. It's been on a RUN as of late and will continue to grow in the mobile and gaming industry.

Disney: This is a no brainer, I bought them on a huge dip during the market downturn and I will be holding this for years to come.

TelaDoc: Telehealth is the future and they are one of the leaders.

Twitter: Think about how many people use this every single day non stop, I love it and therefore I'm invested in it.

Etsy: I love the website and the items you can find on Etsy, it's also grown a lot since I first grabbed it. This is like Ebay for creatives IMO.

Zynga: One of the top mobile game makers, have had them since the beginning and it'll be a great long term hold. The future is in mobile gaming.

I have 22 stocks in my portfolio and they are all long term holds and more importantly companies that I believe in. A few others you can check out are Virgin Space, Fastly, Live Nation and



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